Coaching Services

We support and encourage and help franchise executives arrive at the smartest solutions and make the best decisions in all areas of franchising and management by asking the right questions, exploring all the options and assessing the implications faster and at a fair investment.

You’re closing at “Hello.”

No. It’s not a hard sell. Franchise sales is a collaboration. It’s a process that builds trust and works toward shared goals. You have to have the right system and use all your available resources. Put over 2,000 franchises awarded and 41 years of franchise sales experience to work for you.

Double your quality conversions.

It’s not just a show and tell. It’s a staged performance and critical link in your selling process. A resume and net worth are threshold qualities. You’re sizing up a candidate to see if there’s genuine passion behind the voice, and if there’s a great “culture” fit.

The old rules don’t apply.

Concepts don’t find candidates; candidates find concepts. You have to be findable for search and content rich for browsing. You have to be present and engaged in the places and at the times that your prospects are. Intrusive marketing is ineffective. And wherever you are, minimize the corporate “we-we.”

Entice your candidates to buy.

Communication used to be what you say and how you say it. Now it’s also how you engage customers and franchise candidates and your accessibility to them. It’s integrated content management across a multitude of platforms. Tell your story from the heart because people do business with people they like.